Monday, January 18, 2016

TFCD Photoshoot

I do TFCD photoshoot for potential models and friends when I’m available. Photography is my interest and there are numerous conceptual themes that I'm interested in and this I need to find suitable models to help me with the shoots.

TFCD (Time for CD) means that both the photographer and model would exchange their time (without money involved) to help building up their portfolios for photography and modelling respectively.

This is definitely beneficial to anyone who wishes to own new photos to be uploaded into Facebook.

Conceptual Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi Beauty Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi Bikini Photoshoot - Ng Shinyi Conceptual Couple Photoshoot - Kaidi & Ivy Fashion Photoshoot - Shirlene Chew Conceptual Photoshoot - Gilbert Lew & Shirlene Chew Corporate Photoshoot - Nickolas Padgalskas Corporate Photoshoot - Ghislaine Nadaud Art Implied Nude Lifestyle Photoshoot - Eva Fashion Photoshoot - Constance Huang Male Fashion Photoshoot - Gilbert Lew Children Photoshoot - Vera Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ivy Tan Fashion Photoshoot - Lovelle Cengiya Yoga Photoshoot - Bai Jia Wang Conceptual Photoshoot - Ivy Tan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Charis Tan Corporate Photoshoot - Wong Youer Fashion Photoshoot - Shermaine Koh Bikini & Monokini Photoshoot - Svetlana Dabizha Corporate & lifestyle Photoshoot - Phang Tsang Wing Fashion Photoshoot - Wanping Couple Photoshoot - Kaiwei & Stella Prewedding Photoshoot - Shengyang & Huiting Conceptual Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan & Tan Rouying Lifestyle Photoshoot - Karina Cognomen Implied Nude Yoga Photoshoot - Karina Cognomen Fashion Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan Art & Boudoir Photoshoot - Hannah Lee

Yoga Photoshoot - Sharon Ng En Hui Glamour Photoshoot - Cheryl Alicia Chua Editorial Photoshoot - Boon Hui Corporate Photoshoot - Kyan Soo Wei Qiang Corporate Photoshoot - Tengy Gay Teng Yong Conceptual Photoshoot - Boon Hui Prewedding Photoshoot - Leslie & Sally Fashion Photoshoot - Erica Chan Fashion Photoshoot - Sirachar Ong Fashion Photoshoot - Angela Ni

Bikini Fashion Photoshoot - Martina Novotna Art Photoshoot - Kelly Lim Fashion Photoshoot - Tan Rou Ying Conceptual Photoshoot - Nathalie Blue Conceptual Photoshoot - Constance Huang Cheerleading & Dancing Photoshoot - Jasmine Tan Maternity/Pregnancy Photoshoot - Monica Weng-Ong Lifestyle Photoshoot - Emilia Yoyo Ngai Fashion Photoshoot - Beverley Angkangon Travel Photoshoot - Ao Xuan Lifestyle Photoshoot - Ao Xuan Editorial Fitness Gym Photoshoot - Jolene Chui Lifestyle Photoshoot - Low Kah Yoke Fashion & Night Fashion Photoshoot - Marjorie Lining Glamour Photoshoot - Rachel Liew Bikini, Lifestyle, Fitness Photoshoot - Beverley Angkangon Pre-wedding Photoshoot - David & Jess Boudoir & Glamour Photoshoot - Jun Fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong Fashion Photoshoot - Joanne Animal Conceptual Photoshoot - Luckie Chan Lifestyle Couple Photoshoot - Tommy & Evelyn Corporate Photoshoot - Thomas Ng Prewedding Photoshoot - Ryan & Yuanzhi Lifestyle Photoshoot - Mitsuya Nakata Boudoir Photoshoot - He Ling Fitness Photoshoot - Kayla Wong Conceptual Photoshoot - Nathalie Blue Bridal Photoshoot - Jessyca Ang Dancing Photoshoot - Vanessa Lum & Tan Jiamin Dancing Photoshoot - Tan Jiamin Dancing Photoshoot - Vanessa Lum Fashion Photoshoot - Leila Louise Couple Photoshoot - Brian & Claudia Bikini Photoshoot - Lovelle Tan Bikini & Fashion Photoshoot - Bianca Pietersz Fashion, Glamour, Santarina Photoshoot - April Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Terry & Lynwen Fashion Photoshoot - Joey Tay Fashion Photoshoot - Nowell Tan Fashion Photoshoot - Emily Chan Night fashion Photoshoot - Lovelle Tan Fashion & Night Fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong Night fashion Photoshoot - Alessandra Wong Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Peter & Peiwei Animal Photoshoot - Elmo & Eby Conceptual Photoshoot - Claire Fashion Photoshoot - Anastasia Butrim Bikini Photoshoot - Esther Choey Couple Photoshoot - Michael & Valerie Children Photoshoot - Random Editorial Photoshoot - Ethan Leslie Leong Lifestyle Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan Boudoir Photoshoot - Selvy Sequence Self Portrait - Skai Chan & Luckie Couple Photoshoot - Derrick & Ariel Fashion Photoshoot - Vanessa Lum Lifestyle Photoshoot - Vanessa Toh Dancing Photoshoot - Dance Channel Conceptual Photoshoot - Christmas Fashion Photoshoot - Amelia Chang Conceptual Photoshoot - Maisie Chew Ao Dai Photoshoot - KT Pham Fashion Photoshoot - Constance Huang Fashion Photoshoot - Oh Yongpeck Fashion Photoshoot - Amelia Chang Animal Photoshoot - Luckie Chan Portrait Headshot - Joyce See Children Photoshoot - Dchane Children Photoshoot - Dylan Couple Photoshoot - Random Couple Conceptual Photoshoot - Nicole Children Photoshoot - Jacob Christopher Fashion Photoshoot - Amelia Chang Conceptual Photoshoot - Puang Shujuan Conceptual Photoshoot - Maisie Chew Fashion Photoshoot - Famel Tay Fashion Photoshoot - Kelly Chin Bikini Photoshoot - Jade Lee

Check out my portrait photography portfolio for the most updated photo albums.

If you seriously like my photos and are interested in doing TFCD photo shoot with me, please visit to read my working style before you contact me in Facebook -